Although I had time and budget constraints, Kara quickly revised critical web copy to make it more customer-focused. Her work helped me launch my new business on the right foot.
— Mark Chase,
Kara is a dedicated, thorough and talented copywriter/manager. She has managed many high profile projects with tight timelines. Many people count on Kara to be both creative and timely.
— Rick Enko, PMP

Kara is an amazing person to work with. She is creative, driven, and a true teammate. She is a talented children’s writer with a good focus and understanding of her audience. Her imagination is brilliant. She also has the determination to get the job done. She understands deadlines and has the skills necessary to work her creativity within her necessary timelines. And most importantly, Kara understands the meaning of the word team. She is always there to lend a hand and chip in when needed. She is truly an asset to any group.
— Karen A. Adamski, Lawyer
Kara and I worked together through good times and bad. We had a fantastic working relationship and I always knew I could go to Kara for help when I was overloaded (and vice versa). Kara never dropped the ball. She is a fantastic writer, a true professional, and an exceptional team member.
— Stacey Fonseca, Forethought Financial Group
Kara and I have worked together closely on many different projects over the last 5 years. Kara is responsive and is result oriented. She is a team player and is widely respected across the business. I would highly recommend Kara for her passion for creative writing and her overall professionalism as a business partner.
— Christina Speck, Aetna

Kara was a member of the editorial and copywriting team when I managed it in 2011 and 2012. In a time of great change — the job moved 100 miles and had new leadership — she managed not only to produce great work but to have an amazing attitude. As new ideas and opportunities for the group arose, Kara was always the first to be figuring out how to make those ideas real. She has flexibility to write for different audiences and to succeed at the difficult job of writing game rules. When I left the editorial group to return to design, it was my recommendation that Kara fill my role. I am happy that Hasbro did so. She had a phenomenal amount to juggle and excelled at it.
— Rob Daviau, IronWall Games, Inc